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SPY ACT ( Securely Protect Yourself Against Cyber Trespass )

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House Passes Anti-Spyware Bills.

In a move to protect against spyware, The U.S. House of representitives passed two bills against the misuse and criminal intention of malware and spyware. The bills aimed at data mining and unwelcome software downloads will carry severe penalties. (it is not certain what those penalties will be) And the bill is expected to be put forth to the senate where tough questions will be asked.

Rep Mary Bono (R-Calif) Supports an active approach to SPYACT as Users must be informed of spyware ladden downloads. What this means is that users must be informed of any spyware program that may be included with a download. That way, they would be agreeing to download knowing that there is a spyware program that comes along with.

Whatever the outcome is concerning this bill, Securitybench will be here to keep you informed.


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