Antivirus software – Computer security system – something you need

Viruses and worms usually come from attachments in email. Things to watch for are subject lines in the email like hello, how are you?, smiley faces 🙂 or :)) anything that looks suspect should be avoided and not opened. If you are not running anti virus software then you are risking more than you know. Personal data and even financial data could be at risk from these threats. When choosing a computer security system antivirus software solution, look for a company that provides updates on a regular basis. Virus signatures change quite often and codes are modified to keep antivirus software from detecting them. Updating your anti virus programs are important to stopping the new threats from invading your computer. Another great start to curbing an attack on your machine is to keep your operating system up to date with the latest patches to protect against vulnerabilities. All in all anti virus software makes a good Computer security system work!

Computer Viruses are Bad Luck ? OK, so you caught a computer virus and your system is all screwed up and you’re frustrated and angry and upset. Bad luck…

Free Anti Virus software: Tips For Safer Computing Online

Picking anti virus software:

Choosing antivirus software can be overwhelming at times. There are many companies today who produce software products to protect your computers. A wise suggestion would be a complete suite of anti virus, firewall and intrusion detection product that would protect you against blended threats. This would ensure your protection against viruses, hackers and trojan horses as well as certain spyware signatures. Some of the more prominent companies who offer these products are McAfee, Trend Micro, Symantec, Computer Associates (CA) Panda Software, and Kaspersky Labs. These companies have strategically positioned themselves around the world to specifically detect and eliminate viruses. They recognize that the world is now one huge global network and viruses can spread as fast as 15 minutes. In January of 2003, the Slammer virus spread as fast as 30 minutes around the world.

Virus tips

Here are some tips to help stop the spread of viruses and protecting your machines.

  • Don’t open mail attachments from suspicious or unknown sources.
  • Always check with your friends or partners by phone or conversation before opening attachments unless you know exactly what it is.
  • Look at the subject lines of the mail before opening. If it appears to be suspicious do not open.
  • Update your anti virus software on a regular basis. Backup of files on a regular schedule.
  • When in doubt, Delete!