Spyware scans

Finding the right software to rid your spyware problems can be overwhelming as you might know. This is why SecurityBench has done the research for you. We took a recent look at some of the best spyware scanning software companies and put them on this page. Remember that the average PC is infected with at least 28 different variants of Spyware so you may be surprised at what you find.

Please also note that even though your PC may be infected, it is important to follow the manufacturers suggested methods of removing the spyware from your system. Some of the companies below offer free online spyware scans.

Stomp Soft

Stomp Soft: In over eight years Stomp Soft has been a very successful company in the development of home use and business use software. Stomp soft has several security software products that focuses on stopping viruses and spyware removal

Lava Soft

Lavasoft has a new product to add to the famous Ad-Aware line. It is Ad-Aware SE. Lava Soft is a respected leader of anti-tracking anti spyware programs. There is a free spyware scan available by following the link. Spyware removal is Lava soft expertise.

Computer Associates

Computer associates (CA) was the first software company to introduce multi platform software They offer a free spyware scan found in the link below.

CA has been awarded 300 patents and have 1400 pending world wide. They remain a leader in software systems management. CA has integrated solutions running on 95% of fortune 500 companies.

Spy Scanners – Don’t Compromise your Privacy

Spies, spyware, internet parasites are among what they are usually called. These are scouts that monitor your web activities. The work undercover to…