Spyware – The emerging nuisance

Spyware: programs that are downloaded from the internet, usually found in freeware or shareware, and run on a users machine and secretly records information without the users knowledge. Typically, the spyware program is combined with these applications of freeware in code behind the scene. The unsuspecting user downloads the freeware and doesnt have a clue that his internet activity is now being recorded and monitored.

One note to point out is that not every freeware or shareware program contains spyware and most spyware programs are not illegal. There are legitimate major companies on the internet that use these programs for advertising and marketing purposes. Although not illegal some spyware programs can actually do harm to your system and some can actually hijack your browser which changes the users homepage to whatever page the spyware programs want to change it to. This can be so irritating to some users that it gets to the point where they will want to throw the computer out the window.

Spyware – The memory eater:

Spyware continues to grow as a real threat to security and system performance. There are more people on line today than ever before searching and downloading software and freeware that are full of spyware and adware. A recent study by Webroot and EarthLink have discovered more than 28 different variants of spyware on over 1 million machines. spyware of course is a growing epidemic that is headed out of control and a real threat to privacy.

Growing complaints about spyware has risen and most major advertisers are explaining what the freeware or downloads will contain but there is a lot who do not. For example, pop up ads containing spyware will promise everything to the customer except the fact that there will be spyware included. As far as system performance is concerned spyware programs actually steal more than information. Spyware uses up a vast amount of memory and resources and can slow your computer down to a crawl. Programmers who know Operating system flaws can create spyware programs to exploit these flaws and create havoc. Microsoft Windows has been a major target for these flaws as 80% of the computers in the world run this system.

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Spyware – Regaining control of your computer

If your system has been hijacked and crippled with spyware then its time to fight back. You may have paid hundreds of dollars for your computer and now its time to regain control.

First thing you should do is get a good Spyware remover that will detect and remove the parasite. Then always have antivirus software coupled with a firewall. By doing these things you will have a more joyful computing experience!

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