Virus scans

With the situation as it is today there is good reason for you to have anti virus software running on your PC. Having a virus infect your machine is bad enough but when you lose all data because of the virus there is a real frustrating experience that comes along with it. Viruses can be removed after the fact and system files can also be cleaned but why take that chance?

We have put together some of the best security software companies who can provide anti virus software scans.

Trend Micro

Founded in 1988 by Steve Chang and launched in the United States. Trend Micro employs more than 1800 people in 30 countries. To best combat threats, Trend Micro established Trend Labs an Antivirus research and support center. Trend Labs are located in various parts of the world and has received numerous awards from the International Standards Organization and the Customer Operations Support Center. With over 300 engineers around the globe, Trend Labs Team can detect and eliminate new viruses 24 hours a day. Trend Micro was the first company to offer a virus response service agreement, guaranteeing a 2 hour response time to submission of threats from customers.

Panda Software

Panda software Has really made leaps and bounds over the last 13 years as a leader in anti virus software. Now with locations in 50 countries Panda Software has a strategy of thinking global. Key assciations have been made with Hewlett Packard, LG and is a active member of the Citrix Business Alliance. Panda offers a large amount of innovative security solutions for the home and office at a very low cost of total ownership. Panda has gained world wide recognition and has received many awards for their security solutions including Panda anti virus titanium (home user edition) and Panda antivirus Platinum (office edition) Panda has entered the corporate world by introducing Panda Antivirus Enterprise edition Suite and Panda Perimeter Scan. See all of the solutions

Kaspersky Labs

Founded in 1997, The Kaspersky Labs is an International Security Software Vendor. Headquartered in Moscow, Kaspersky has centers in France, Germany, and the United States. Kaspersky labs is reaching across the Globe at record pace with Security Solutions that protect computers from hackers, Viruses and Spam. Kaspersky Labs was the first comany to introduce heuristic virus analysis and linguistic text analysis. Kaspersky not only offers these solutions to large corporations but also to the consumer. To see the anti virus software click the link below.